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CSA Listed HDPE Conduit In Directional Drilling


Thursday April 28th, 2022

Not All HDPE Pipes Are Created Equal

Did you know that the Canadian National Building Code and the Canadian Electrical Code both call out CSA HDPE for electrical applications? The CSA C22.2 327-18 standard became part of the code in 2018 and is applicable to HDPE electrical installations and is the only recognized HDPE Standard for electrical applications.

Directional drilling companies are already using HDPE over PVC sticks for its ease-of-installation. There are many electrical applications where HDPE can be used compared to traditional PVC stick applications based on construction and installation conditions such as:

Why use CSA Listed HDPE Over PVC Sticks?


It is an option in addition to PVC duct/conduit for electrical applications that require CSA by code but utilize the installation advantages that HDPE has to offer. One product that competes in this space is Duraline's PowerGuard, some of the PowerGuard advantages are:

The Canadian Inspection Community, Municipalities, Hydros, Transportation Authorities, and Engineering Firms are adopting this CSA Standard into their specifications and inspection practices. Sales Outsource Solutions is committed to providing the best solution for your next project. If you would like additional information, please fill out the form below, we would be happy to provide more technical data, sales information, or answer general questions.