Our Value-Added Services

Sales Outsource Solutions is proud to represent a lineup of best-in-class manufacturing partners from across the world. In addition, we have strategic partnerships with specialized service providers that help all facets of your business. We aim to be a total solutions provider, not just a sales team.  

Croft & Associates

Supply Chain Consulting
Helping clients evolve their supply chain, drive sustainable gains in customer and supplier relations, and bottom-line shareholder value. Croft & Associates is responsible for helping some of their clients secure over 50M in revenue from their supply-chain as a service, long term planning of multi-billion dollar fibre optic builds, and reducing 20M worth of inventory with improved shipping. 
Croft & Associates Introduction


Clean Fuel Management Platform
FuSE is the hub for fleet and facility operational updates, financial transaction details, downloadable financial reports, credit tracking, asset tracking, energy consumption tracking, real-time dashboarding, OEM, EVSE, and other tech reviews, public funding opportunity summaries, fuel market data, and much more.
FuSE Introduction