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Contactless Fibre Delivery


Monday March 21st, 2022

Covid has brought many challenges to jobs. One industry that has been hit particularly hard is the service industry. Most people were not willing to have someone in their home, especially for any prolonged period. Fibre Optic deployment is no different. FTTH/FTTx were especially affected throughout the pandemic.

In most cases, Fibre Optic deployment and testing requires a technician to be in very close proximity to residents. Another concern is the need for a resident or building manager to be present to let the technician inside should there be any service interruptions. With Clearfield Test Access Points there is a separation between customer and technician. With the access points many common services (like testing fibre integrity) can be done away from the customers premises.

The benefit of not having to schedule an appointment, respond to calls at all hours, not needing a resident or manager present are invaluable. Not to mention the benefit to the end user who can place a simple service call and sit back and relax.

Test Access Points from Clearfield also come ‘plug-and-play’ which reduces the overall labour and installation costs. These solutions can be configured to house any components for specific jobs, tailored to the installer.