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Dura-Line, a leading global manufacturer and distributor, is transforming the structure of communication. Technology, data, and constant communication are more intertwined with our daily lives than ever before in human history. Dura-Line provides the essential infrastructure – conduit, FuturePath, cable-in-conduit, and accessories – to make this possible. Through our innovative product solutions and unparalleled customer insight, Dura-Line creates what connects us, serving a wide variety of markets including telecommunications, enterprise networking, energy, and transportation.

HDPE Conduit

  • Smooth Wall
  • Smooth Out / Ribbed In
  • Ribbed In / Out
  • CoExtruded
  • Corrugated
  • HDPE Sticks


  • Microduct HDPE
  • Microduct Riser
  • Microduct Plenum


  • Figure 8
  • Cable-in-Conduit
  • Corrugated


  • Couplers
  • Lubricants
  • Bull-Line Pull Tape
  • Tools

Future Path

  • Future Path Flex
  • Future Path Hybrid
  • Future Path Armoured

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