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Introduction to Ericson Manufacturing in Canada


Wednesday November 9th, 2022

Effective October 1st, 2022, Ericson has selected Sales Outsource Solutions to be their national manufacturers representative for the Canadian market. This partnership means that the abundance of great products that Ericson manufacturers will be represented by the Sales Outsource Solutions team.

Ericson has a long history of manufacturing solutions for their clients, starting with a patented rubber hand lamp in 1918, the company has grown to include a full portfolio of safety products and national sales. Ericson has recently celebrated 100 years in operation, some milestones include inventing the ‘dead-front, back-wired’ electrical plug, inventing explosion-proof and vapor-proof hand lamps, and patenting the first GFCI, to name a few.

Ericson has been present in the Canadian market for many years, their first foray into the country was designing a plug suitable for the needs of Ontario Hydro back in 1931. Although their products are made in the U.S.A, they have several lines that will translate well in the Canadian market. For the pharmaceutical industry their line of anti-microbial plugs is invaluable. For the entertainment industry, the portable electric carts are a must-have. Job sites where there is an abundance of dust would do well with Ericson receptacles. Whatever the application, Ericson has a safe and effective solution available. Below are some of the top products in the Canadian market.

Featured Products

Sales Outsource Solutions is proud to be a manufacturers representative for Ericson in Canada, please contact any member of our team for more information in your region: contact us. If you wish to visit the Ericson website, you can do so here: