Connecting & Future-Proofing the Wireline Telecommunications Market in Canada.

Shaping the future and enabling wireline communication networks that support education, commerce, and sociality that are essential to every-day life. We are committed to providing solutions to urban, rural, remote, and industrial settings that require optical communication and related deployment equipment.

Outside Plant

All the support needed to bring optical communications to the end-user with future-ready conduit, fibre optic cables, hardware, and technical expertise to support projects of any size.
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Rural & Remote Broadband

In order to have a sustainable and reliable connection to the digital economy, all Canadians need to have access to high-speed internet. F1breONE supports rural, and remote broadband deployment goals with an end-to-end solution.
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Industrial & Harsh Environment Fibre

Modern manufacturing, warehousing, mining, and other industries utilize IoT for a connected experience. Best in class Industrial fibre optic cables make connections seamless and reliable for all businesses.
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SFU & MDU Fibre to the Home

Canadians are increasingly working and learning in the home and connection to high-speed internet is paramount for these applications. Fibre optic cables, media hubs, fibre drop boxes, and more to support the growing need for Canadian bandwidth.
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